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LeadersAtlas helps leaders and their organizations thrive in challenging times. We tap into leaders’ skills and passions to earn attention and build trust, creating a shared sense of purpose and progress.

Do you believe that everyone has the ability to be a leader and a teacher for their teams?

We’re looking for someone to help us tap into teams’ expertise to help share knowledge and experience across teams to help them win.

We need your help to design amazing experiences for our customers that build trust, foster collaboration, and get teams pointed in the same direction.

LeadersAtlas is a rapidly growing team that helps responsible leaders win by leveraging technology to unlock their team’s genius. We tap into teams’ skills and passions to earn attention and build trust,

creating a shared sense of purpose and progress.

We are looking for a Marketing Lead who is excited by…

★ Collaboratively developing a marketing strategy and coordinating resources needed to execute on it

★ Doing tactical work on marketing campaigns, initiatives, and experiments

★ Generating innovative ideas to achieve marketing goals

★ Delivering above the “bar” consistently

★ Working in a fast-paced environment

About the Role

We are looking for a Marketing Lead that can collaborate with our Head of Revenue to implement the short-term and medium-term marketing strategy. We need someone that can think outside of the box and deliver high quality output consistently. Additionally, we will need this role to identify gaps in our strategy so that we are aware of our blindspots. This role needs to be hands-on to ensure that the tactics we are using are producing the outcomes we are expecting. You will be responsible for helping us pivot our strategy and tactics quickly and effectively as we gather more information in our market.

You will be responsible for…

● Building off of existing assumptions about our marketing strategy to develop a solid plan complete with success criteria and tactics to use

● Execute toward the strategy personally in high-competency areas

● Help us identify any skill gaps on our team that need to be filled in order to execute the strategy, and work with our Operations Team to scope, hire, and onboard individuals to those roles

● Lead, Manage, and hold Accountable all Marketing Team personnel, including freelancers, contractors, or employees matrixed in the marketing team

● Develop quarterly priorities for the marketing team within the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) framework

● Maintain and track relevant metrics weekly on a Marketing Scorecard

● Lead Marketing Team meetings

Technical Skills

You must be highly proficient in:

● Hubspot

● Analytics (website, LinkedIn, etc.)

● LinkedIn

● Demand generation strategies for the top of funnel (including list building)

Human Skills

In order to be effective in this role, you will need to:

● Be committed to learning, creative problem solving, and have a bias towards action in a startup environment

● Have a high level of organization and attention to detail

● Collaborate effectively in a cross functional environment

● Work independently and take accountability

Expected Experience

In order to be the best fit for this role, we are looking for someone with the following experience:

● Have worked in a fast-paced, startup environment

○ A plus: the startup you worked at wasselling enterprise level products and services

● Successfully built and executed marketing strategies

● Develop messaging for an Enterprise company

● Successfully generated market awareness with minimal budget

● Successfully run demand generation campaigns through email and other channels


● Employment Status: Part-time, contractor

● Location: fully-remote, available to both US- and International-based applicants

● Availability: 9 am to 5 pm Easten

● Salary: 5-6K monthly depending on experience

Part Time, Contracted

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