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LeadersAtlas designs programs to help LEADERS create a highly engaged culture that teams are proud to belong to

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Goal-oriented Program Design

Our Leadership Advisors transform your shared vision into an action plan that aligns your business goals with your teams' strengths.


Interview & Expertise Extraction

Our team captures your top performers’ expertise by asking the right questions to illuminate their hidden knowledge so that it can be leveraged to teach and motivate your team to excellence.

Custom Workshop Design

Peers are influenced by each other’s examples more effectively than by being given direct orders. Showcasing a top performer’s success allows the rest of the team to learn from their achievements. And because no two teams are alike, the workshop is customized to your organizational and team goals for maximum results.


Interactive Session Experience

Our interactive session experience is built right within your browser. The session page celebrates the session leader, highlights their skills through workshop activities, and gathers everything on one page for attendees to visit later to continue learning. These session experiences are designed to help you build back the sense of community that physical distance thwarted.

"Pulse of the Team" Data Trends for Leaders

Workshop activities capture feedback on how your team is doing mentally and emotionally. Over time, you’ll be able to track trends in overall team morale, as well as make informed decisions about what problems or goals to focus on next.


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