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We are creating a world where every leader has the tools they need to build a team abundant in trust, purpose, direction, and mastery

About Us

LeadersAtlas co-founders, Abe Sorock and Andrew Shirman, developed a powerful methodology for skill sharing and community building while serving as Curators for the Global Shapers, a global leadership network associated with the World Economic Forum.

The methods were so effective and the results were so powerful that they were asked to pilot the program in a Fortune 100 company.

Two years, three continents, and seven countries later, LeadersAtlas is proud to offer a unique and time-tested approach that will prepare your team to change and thrive.

Our Values


There's a better way to do things


The more we give, the more there is


Bring your hidden gems to light


Where you are tells you where to go


Carry your weight, and then some


Everyone is someone worth learning from

Our Mission

LeadersAtlas believes in the concept of "asabiyyah" - the nuclear force that holds groups together.
We exist to charge that nuclear force for leaders working on noble causes, to create teams that share talent, band together, and realize a vision of excellence.

We believe everyone has superpowers that can improve the performance of their teams and organizations. By celebrating these practice and sharing knowledge, team members bond, respect each other's excellence, and seek more excellence themselves. Through our programs, we grow asabiyyah and maximize your team's potential.

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