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About Us

LeadersAtlas co-founders, Abe Sorock and Andrew Shirman, developed a unique methodology for skill sharing and community building while serving as Curators for the Global Shapers, a global leadership network associated with the World Economic Forum in Beijing.

The initiative’s purpose was for young leaders to come together in their cities to do social impact locally but connect globally.

During their time in China, Abe and Andrew met with the country’s top innovators and entrepreneurs and realized they were sitting on a wealth of knowledge that could help other up-and-coming leaders.

They studied their winning mindsets, skills, and attitudes and transformed their findings into high-value skill-sharing workshops. Through their experience, they learned that the concept of asabiyyah or “group feeling” was the missing link to a team realizing a shared vision together.

The methods were so effective, and the results made such an impact that they were asked to pilot the program in a Fortune 100 company. Two years, three continents, and seven countries later, LeadersAtlas is proud to offer a time-tested approach that will create a new and disruptive culture of leadership that contributes to the impact of sustainable growth for both the individual and the organization.


or 'asabiyya

(Arabic: عصبيّة, 'group feeling' or 'social cohesion')

is a concept of community solidarity with an emphasis on unity, group consciousness, and a sense of shared purpose and social cohesion

Our Pillars


There's a better way to do things


The more we give, the more there is


Bring your hidden gems to light


Where you are tells you where to go


Carry your weight, and then some


Everyone is someone worth learning from

Our Mission

LeadersAtlas believes in the concept of "asabiyyah" - the nuclear force that holds groups together.

We exist to charge that nuclear force for leaders working on noble causes, to create teams that share knowledge, band together, and realize a vision of excellence.

We believe everyone has superpowers that can improve team performance and impact organizational growth. By celebrating your team members’ unique wins and sharing their experiences, they develop bonds, find their own passions, and propel their internal motivation. Through our customized leadership programs, we ignite Asabiyyah and maximize your team's potential for true lasting growth.

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