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LeadersAtlas was born in 2018 out of a shared vision by founders Abe Sorock and Andrew Shirman.
As former Curators for the Global Shapers, a global leadership network associated with the World Economic Forum in Beijing, they developed a unique methodology for skill sharing and community building. Their mission became to help responsible leaders succeed by helping them highlight and spread their teams' unique knowledge and skillset.
From an initial team of 4-5 members, LeadersAtlas has grown to work with several companies and dozens of teams to cultivate asabiyyah—the sense of social solidarity and unity—through our Mosaic Program. Today, LeadersAtlas, with a global team of 17 passionate individuals, continues to empower leaders and cultivate teams worldwide.


Abe Sorock

CEO & Co-Founder
Abe, an innovative visionary, has dedicated his career to pioneering leadership development. With 10 years in Beijing, his experiences with the American Chamber of Commerce and the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers have shaped the foundation of LeadersAtlas.

Andrew Shirman

With an extensive background in education, service, leadership development, and philosophy, Andrew is devoted to empowering other leaders. His exceptional skill in program design has played a pivotal role in creating impactful changes in organizations, helping LeadersAtlas scale to new heights.


Relationships Matter

Relationship capital in every interaction

Curious Obsession

Relentless curiosity drives us to delve deeper

Learn from Everyone

Each individual offers wisdom and insight

Be Constructive

Our responsibility to understand context

Cultivate Discernment

Deliberate in how we focus our attention


At LeadersAtlas, we turn to timeless wisdom to forge the leaders of tomorrow. We are guided by three fundamental concepts—Asabiyyah, the Wang, and Seasons.Asabiyyah, an Arabic term, signifies social solidarity with an emphasis on unity, group consciousness and a sense of shared purpose. This underpins our work in fostering cohesive, synergistic teams.The Wang is a concept borrowed from ancient Chinese philosophy, representing a dynamic balance between four key aspects of leadership—Action, Ideas, Relationships, and Operations. We leverage this concept to help leaders achieve equilibrium and harmony in their roles.Seasons of Leadership remind us that, like the natural world, leadership also goes through different phases, each requiring a unique set of skills and approach. We use this concept to help leaders navigate the ever-changing business landscape.
These principles not only shape the design and implementation of our programs, but also guide our recommendations and feedback, setting us apart in the leadership consulting space.


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