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At LeadersAtlas, we believe the genius is in your team. No one will be better than your top performers at understanding what it takes to be successful toward your vision and your shared goals. ​​
Through years of experience with teams around the world, we’ve refined a methodology to help top performers share their skills with their colleagues in engaging, actionable, and impactful ways.
​​More than that, delivering a LeadersAtlas Session helps team members reflect on their unique expertise and perspectives in ways that build their confidence and their ability to lead in their teams. ​​
The results we drive through our programs include stronger team engagement and relationships, better performance in selected focus areas, more collaboration, and a culture of continuous improvement. ​


Abe Sorock

CEO & Co-Founder
Abe, an innovative visionary, has dedicated his career to pioneering leadership development. With 10 years in Beijing, his experiences with the American Chamber of Commerce and the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers have shaped the foundation of LeadersAtlas.

Andrew Shirman

With an extensive background in education, service, leadership development, and philosophy, Andrew is devoted to empowering other leaders. His exceptional skill in program design has played a pivotal role in creating impactful changes in organizations, helping LeadersAtlas scale to new heights.


Relationships Matter

Relationship capital in every interaction

Curious Obsession

Relentless curiosity drives us to delve deeper

Learn from Everyone

Each individual offers wisdom and insight

Be Constructive

Our responsibility to understand context

Cultivate Discernment

Deliberate in how we focus our attention


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