Mosaic: Our Flagship Program

Mosaic is a program that helps recognize your high-performing team members. With unique workshops, they share their knowledge and stimulate key changes. Our lively learning spaces boost team collaboration and growth, while offering timely and practical advice for leaders.


We Unleash Your Team's Potential by Recognizing Top-Performers, Enhancing Collaboration, and Offering Valuable Insights for Sustainable Team Progress and Success.

Mentor Identification

LeadersAtlas works closely with your company's leaders to identify high-performing team members who can act as mentors. These individuals are ones who have proven their expertise and skills in their respective roles.


Facilitation of Mentorship and Collaboration

Once your mentors are identified, LeadersAtlas, together with your leadership, enables these mentors to share their knowledge with the rest of the team. This process fosters a stimulating learning environment that encourages crucial shifts in thinking and promotes a sense of unity and cooperation within the team.

Feedback and Improvement

In the final stage, LeadersAtlas works hand-in-hand with your team leaders, providing actionable feedback. This collaborative approach enables your leaders to gain insights into the team's progress and potential areas for growth, empowering them to make strategic decisions that boost your team's performance and evolution.


Our services can be tailored and combined to cater to your unique needs and to further enhance
your team's experience.


The Mosaic Program has successfully elevated team engagement, energy levels, and meeting satisfaction:

92% of team members agree
that their workplace is a place where innovative ideas occur.

100% of team members agree
they intend to stay at the company for at least another year.

92% of team members agree
they have ideas on how to improve their work after the program.

Our satisfied clients speak for us:


Awesome top performer team recognition

[LeadersAtlas was] able to connect the dots in terms of what was happening organizationally in the team. I think that also enabled them to help individuals find their areas of passion and interest, and what they could bring to the table.

Horacio Miranda
Head of Marketing, HP

Share knowledge within the team!

One of the key things that [LeadersAtlas did] is to help my team articulate. Your focus was always to help them share their knowledge within the team and to better present themselves.

Kitty Fok
Managing Director, IDC

Great remote team engagement!

LeadersAtlas knows the best way to present information and engage people remotely, while allowing my individual team members to shine with their own content. The energy on my team feels different after having gone through your program.

Kevyn Klein
Head of Teacher Community, VipKID



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the Mosaic Program can enhance your team's performance and cohesion.
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