Pathfinder Profiles: Quintin’s Story

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Abe Sorock
Pathfinder Profiles: Quintin’s Story

Quintin's journey is a fascinating one. As a superintendent, he's always on the lookout for innovative ways to enhance his leadership and management practices. His latest venture? 

Exploring the potential of AI tools, specifically large language models like GPT-4.

Now, you might be thinking, "AI in leadership? AI In education? How does that work?" 

Well, Quintin likens AI to a tool, much like paint or sound, that can be used for both functional and artistic purposes. He uses AI to draft emails, memos, and even legal documents. 

This not only saves him time but also allows him to focus on more strategic tasks. And those strategic tasks allow him to become a better leader.

But that’s not all…

Quintin sees AI as more than just a tool for boring admin tasks. He views it as a thought partner, a sounding board that challenges his thinking, identifies cognitive biases, and helps develop counterarguments. 

This unique approach has enabled him to gain a more comprehensive understanding of issues he is working on, leading to more informed decision-making.

Quintin's story, however, isn't just about the benefits of AI. He's acutely aware of the potential risks associated with it. 

He knows that while AI can help bring polarized arguments closer together, it can also lead us down paths we may not necessarily want to tread. His advice? Adopt a balanced approach to AI. Advance with the technology, but also take the time to align it with our own thinking.

In his district, Quintin has been encouraging his team to experiment with AI. He believes that hands-on experience and reflection are key to understanding AI's potential and limitations. But he also acknowledges the need for policy guidance to ensure the appropriate use of AI in the classroom.

Quintin's exploration of AI in leadership is just the beginning. As we continue to navigate this new frontier, we must remain open to learning, adaptable in our approach, and mindful of the potential risks. 

As Quintin aptly puts it, "Let's educate ourselves on this tool first, and then let's get a bunch of really smart people together and come up with some things that make sense for everyone."

We hope Quintin's story has sparked your curiosity and inspired you to think about the role of AI in your own leadership journey. 

We can't wait to bring you more stories of leaders who are shaping the future. So, stay tuned for our next edition.

Until then, keep leading, keep learning, and keep inspiring.

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